How It Works

1.    SERVACE provides mobile applications and website technology that connects Users who require home services to be performed, or who would like to avail of services at a provider’s office location, with service providers who are able and willing to perform those Jobs.

2.    You connect with Service Providers by signing up on the website or user app, and booking Jobs via the User App. You can view the available providers in list form or on the Map. Jobs can be booked NOW (on-demand / instantly, requires the Provider to be online and available) or BOOK LATER (Scheduled for a later time and date). Bookings are then assigned to a Service Provider in your geographical area, whose services match your requirements and whom you have choosen from the list or Map.

3. Jobs can be tracked by both User and Provider in the App via Google Maps and the User will get notifications on acceptance of the Job, Arrival of the Provider, Start of Job, Completion of Job, Invoice and Payment for the Job. These are all trigger by the Provider, using the Provider App. User and Provider can also communicate in app via chat and voip call.

 4.    Once a Job has been completed, SERVACE collects payment from you and pays the Service Provider. SERVACE takes a service fee (which is deducted from such payment) for: (i) introducing the parties; (ii) vetting and maintaining a network of reputable and competent Service Providers; and (iii) maintaining and developing the marketplace technology/platform. A service fee of 15% is taken at the same time payment is made to a Service Provider.

5. Payment is made via the app and requires a debit or credit card. However, the user can pay with cash if the provider satisfies the requirements and chooses to accept cash payments.

6. Both the User and the Provider can make reviews and are encouraged to rate their experiences within the range of 1 to 5 stars.

7. SERVACE is not an employer of service providers or a contracting agency. It operates solely as a facilitator of the service transaction between you and the Service Provider, by operating the User Website / Application and the Provider Website / Application services.

8. There is no contract between SERVACE and you for the performance of Jobs and SERVACE has no control over the conduct of Service Providers or the successful completion of a Job, which is determined solely between the parties.

9. You acknowledge that when you book a job on the user's website / application, you will enter into a direct contract with the service provider.